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Youth Leader Draws Inspiration from Radio Show. Gets Invite from District Council in Malawi.

(April 22, 2024) Chirundu Radio’s programs on governance inspired Erick Banda, the chair of the Nkhata Bay District Youth Network, to ask the District Council for permission to attend full council meetings. “Since I was elected I didn’t receive any invitation to attend any meeting at the council, but your programs has inspired the government officials to start engaging us.” Chirundu Radio produced a series of programs about engaging youth on policymaking and other related issues beginning in September 2023. District Council Chair Osman Charge Phiri says “…we used to invite the district youth officer and the district YFHS coordinator to represent youths, without knowing that we are leaving one important arm out, which is the district youth network, but the day you interviewed me you taught me something important, as I talked to the District Commissioner of Nkhata Bay, who gave me approval that we may invite the representative….to be with us at our meetings.” Banda, who attended his first full council meeting on November 10, 2023, adds that “it’s encouraging to know that officials are now respecting the voices of young people, which indicates a positive shift towards more inclusive decision-making processes within the district.” He has also attended meetings on December 18th, 2023 and on February 10th, 2024.


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