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Radio Programs Encourage Youth to Get Involved in Decision-making

(April 22, 2024) In Malawi, youth attendance at Mchinji district council meetings continues to climb. There was no full council meeting in March 2024, however, 15 youth attended a smaller session, including two youth who were under the age of 19. (Male, age 18/female age 16). In February, 21 youth attended the full council session. Eighteen youth representatives took part in the January meeting compared to six in December and four each in October and November. The increase comes after Mudzi Wathu produced a series of radio programs in December on governance issues followed up by a continuing series of public service announcements through March. District Youth Officer Maudling Nhlema says “we can now see that youth are participating in the district council meetings because of the information they are getting from Mudzi Wathu radio programs. They are now realizing their right as citizens as their eyes have been opened. It has also helped us as district council officials to realize their importance in as far as contributing ideas during these meetings.” Nhlema told Mudzi Wathu’s station manager Joseph Njanje that he has been encouraging more youth under the age of 19 to attend these meetings.

DRP-trained youth edit a radio program about the importance of youth engaging their elected leaders.


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