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Radio Program Makes It Easier for Youth to Get Condoms

(April 22, 2024) Youth in Mzuzu, in northern Malawi, who may feel too shy or embarrassed to approach a health care provider for condoms now can get contraceptives in complete privacy. The Mapale Health Center has designated two private rooms with private entrances just for youth to get condoms. The youth can walk in and take the contraceptives from a table without having to talk with anyone. YFHS coordinator Kazembe Saidi says the decision was made after a series of radio programs on Voice of Livingstonia in northern Malawi about how more youth would use condoms if they didn’t have to ask for them. “We really appreciate Titchile (DRP-funded) programs for their big help in starting this {making contraceptives available with no questions asked.} They talked about family planning on the radio, teaching and giving power to our community. Because of what they said, we decided to make sure young people can always get the health services they need {even if they are too shy to ask for condoms.}


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