Africa Team

Chiko Moyo

Media Development Specialist

Chiko has worked as a trainer for Developing Radio Partners since 2017. He oversees all DRP project activities in Malawi. He travels to our partner stations on a regular basis to assist youth reporters with their weekly radio programs. Chiko also helps organize and train radio listening clubs members that serve as informal focus groups - listening to weekly radio programs and providing feedback. 

Previously, Chiko worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on establishing and training members of radio listening clubs. Chiko has worked as a journalist in radio and television and also served as production chief and director of technical services. He has worked as a sub-editor at The Nation online - a daily newspaper in Malawi.

Eugene Nforngwa

Regional Media Development Specialist

Eugene is DRP's regional training specialist based in Cameroon.  He conducts assessments, handles logistics and develops training curricula. Eugene is currently in charge of DRP's train-the-trainer program in Burkina Faso.


Mr. Nforngwa is a an environmentalist and multi-award-winning journalist with more than 14 years’ experience in editorial and newsroom management positions with Cameroonian and international news media.  Since October 2015, Eugene has worked with Developing Radio Partners as a climate change reporting trainer and mentor for community radio stations.

Edna Nguku

Media Development Specialist

Edna is a media development specialist with more than ten years of experience in project management. Edna has been working with marginalized communities such as women and youth in demanding their rights and has been involved in community mobilization, establishing radio listening clubs and conducting journalism training. 

She was trained in radio for development under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)  with the aim of giving the marginalized communities a voice to be heard. She worked as a radio programs producer for the Development Broadcasting Unit (DBU) a semi-autonomous body of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation responsible for producing development programs.

Vincent Ziba

Media Development Specialist

Vincent has worked as a consultant for Developing Radio Partners since 2015. He represents DRP in Zambia and writes DRP’s Weekly Bulletin. The Bulletin focuses on a different environmental issue each week – offering background about the problem and solutions. The Weekly Bulletin is sent to DRP partner radio stations each week where it is used to generate stories for their weekly radio programs on climate smart agriculture.

In workshops, Vincent addresses climate change issues and their impact on Zambia. He also focuses on ways to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change – particularly relating to farmers and their crops.

Martha Zulu

Media Development Specialist

Martha is DRP's chief trainer and mentor in Zambia. She also conducts radio station and community assessments. Ms Zulu works with DRP on its projects in Malawi -- assisting in the development of youth radio programs on reproductive health. She began her career in radio at Breeze-FM, a community-based, commercial station, with public interest programming in Chipata, Zambia.  Breeze-FM is one of the largest commercial stations in Zambia.  Over eight years, Ms. Zulu worked as a reporter, producer on-air host, and deputy director.


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