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Get REDDY: The Multimedia Series

Changing climate impacts

and solutions for

Indigenous Peoples worldwide

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Developing Radio Partners and the World Bank are teaming up to produce a multi-part series of audio and video programs on how Indigenous peoples around the world are preserving their forests and land amid a changing climate. 

The world’s forests are critical in the battle against climate change because they capture carbon. In the long-run, trees are more valuable standing than as a resource for fuel and logging. However, this value needs to trickle down to the Indigenous Peoples for whom trees are also a source of livelihood. That is the goal of REDD+, a World Bank program that provides financial incentives to preserve forests throughout the world. 

Get REDDY is a multi-part audio and video series by and for Indigenous Peoples and local communities throughout the world.  It is being broadcast throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa with a special focus on these key countries: 

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Côte d'Ivoire

  • Dominican Republic

  • The Democratic Republic of  Congo

  • Fiji

  • Ghana

  • Indonesia

  • Lao PDR

  • Madagascar 

  • Mozambique

  • Nepal

  • Republic of the Congo

  • Guatemala

  • Vietnam

Start listening to the podcast below, or click here to watch the video version of the podcast series.