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Get REDDY: The Multimedia Series

Changing climate impacts

and solutions for

Indigenous Peoples worldwide

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Developing Radio Partners and the World Bank are teaming up to produce a multi-part series of audio and video programs on how Indigenous peoples around the world are preserving their forests and land amid a changing climate. 

The world’s forests are critical in the battle against climate change because they capture carbon. In the long-run, trees are more valuable standing than as a resource for fuel and logging. However, this value needs to trickle down to the Indigenous Peoples for whom trees are also a source of livelihood. That is the goal of REDD+, a World Bank program that provides financial incentives to preserve forests throughout the world. 

Get REDDY is a multi-part audio and video series by and for Indigenous Peoples and local communities throughout the world. For instance, our partner in East Kalimantan, Indonesia is Kantor Berita Radio.  The series is being broadcast throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa with a special focus on these key countries: 

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • Côte d'Ivoire

  • Dominican Republic

  • The Democratic Republic of  Congo

  • Fiji

  • Ghana

  • Indonesia

  • Lao PDR

  • Madagascar 

  • Mozambique

  • Nepal

  • Republic of the Congo

  • Guatemala

  • Vietnam

Start listening to the podcast below, or click here to watch the video version of the podcast series.

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