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Get REDDY: Part 2 Announcement

The first three episodes of our multimedia series on climate change have been broadcast to millions of people across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The video and audio series allows Indigenous communities around the world to share their experiences and knowledge with one another about how they are protecting their land and forests. With the series reaching a worldwide audience of up to 50 million people, indigenous communities are sharing how they are affected by climate change and how they are coping with its effects.

Indigenous activists in Belize talk about the rights of Indigenous Peoples to protect their ancestral lands, in Panama about the importance of having a voice in the global climate change debates, and in Kenyan about how her village benefits from protecting their forests vs. exploiting them for resources.

So far, the podcasts have been broadcast in Indonesia, Argentina, Ghana, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Fiji, Central African Republic, Chad, and elsewhere.

The next episodes now in production will turn to Nepal, Colombia, and Vietnam and will investigate Indigenous knowledge in forest management, gender equality, emissions reductions, and more. Each episode features the voices of Indigenous People who are confronting the impacts of climate change.

Pictured above is a video editor in Madagascar producing a Malagasy-language version of the series with DRP’s Eugene Nforngwa on the screen.

The series is available in English, French, and Spanish and is being translated into other languages for further broadcast and distribution.

Please contact us if you are interested in broadcasting the series or to recommend local people who are impacted by climate change who can be featured in upcoming episodes. We’d love to hear their stories; email us at!

To watch the recently released videos in the Get REDDY series, visit the following link:

Or visit here for links to the audio broadcasts:

Together we can reduce emissions and preserve our forests!

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