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DRP works with local media to bring reliable information to those who need it most. This engagement often brings positive changes to these communities.

EDIT Youth Reporter Colin Tsache Interviewing a Member of Ndirande Health Centre Youth Fri

Radio Program Gives Listeners a Platform to Improve their Community

After Gaka FM in Malawi did a series on advocacy in December 2023, students at Bangula Primary School asked youth reporters to visit them. The students complained about the lack of learning materials, such as books, inadequate desks, large numbers of students in each class and the school’s decision to do away with the suggestion box. The suggestion box allowed students to complain without fear of retribution. Student Rachel Livingston said the station gave her and the other students a place to air their challenges. “You have empowered us today because we had nowhere to speak our challenges. You are a bridge.”

Radio Program Inspires Action by Mothers  Group

Lucy Misi, a member of a mothers support group in a small village in Mchinji, Malawi, was inspired by a radio program on Mudzi Wathu, her community station, about advocacy. She said her local school needed a changing room for girls. So Misi and her group sought contributions to build one. It was completed in January 2024. “I got encouraged by our radio programs that we should support our schools by mobilizing the community to build toilets and changing rooms. We chose to start with a changing room.” Her group also provides female students with free reusable sanitary pads.

Girls who received sanitory pads under Likhubula youth group.jpg
EDIT part of the audience that attended sentisation by police and youth reporters meeting

Radio Programs Spark Regular Discussions about Ending Gender-based Violence

Since Nkhotakota Radio in Malawi began reporting on gender-based violence in August 2023, the Nkhotakota Police Station’s Victim Support Unit began hosting awareness sessions each month beginning in September. In these meetings, villagers learn what it is and how to report it. According to Nkhotakota Radio youth mentor Moses Kaluvi awareness events held in 10 villages between September 2023 and January 2024 have attracted more than 1,200 people.

Radio Program Helps Rural Youth Get Reproductive Health Services

In October 2023, Chirundu Radio in Nkhata Bay, Malawi did some programs on the lack of reproductive health services available to youth living in rural and remote areas. The local Member of Parliament Khrissipin Mphande heard the program and committed funds to train 25 young people as peer educators in these rural areas. The project began in November 2023 and has resulted in the distribution of hundreds of condoms. District Youth Coordinator Rueben Moyo says more than 1,500 people were reached in December alone. Mr. Mphande says of Chirundu Radio: “your program inspired me to act. Your programs are so educative and informative, keep on doing the same.”

EDIT Youth reporters doing production.JPG
Monkey Bay Police Conduct  Radio Shows on  GBV and Child labour Awareness.jpg

Radio Program Helps Survivors Feel Safer in Reporting Gender-based Violence

The all-boys Radio Listening Club at Dzimwe Radio in Monkey Bay, Malawi teamed up with several father/mother groups and police officers to do a community outreach about gender-based violence and how to report it.  Police inspector Matthews Banda says the road show in late October around Monkey Bay reached approximately 500 people. Dzimwe Radio youth reporters produced a radio program and several public service announcements around this event. The number of reported cases of gender-based violence has climbed by 43% in the period from July-October 2023 compared to the same period last year

Radio Program Helps Youth Find Their Voices 

After Gaka FM in southern Malawi did a program about youth and policymaking, a local mothers group hosted an event.  Febe Piliminta reminded local and district leaders that “citizens should be consulted in everything regarding policies.” She said it is one way to reduce child marriages in the community. Piliminta, who helped organize the event, met with more than 400 young girls and encouraged them to make sure their voices are heard. One member of the mother’s group in the village, said “more often duty bearers shun the citizens and refuse to hold meetings with us and only do so when they are hunting for votes during election campaigns. We want this to change."

Bangula mother group performing a drama on encouraging girls to resist and avoid child mar

Radio Program Reduces Occurrence of Child Marriages

Florence Deusi of Mchinji was 16 when she became a child bride. She married a man more than ten years older than her. She says she was abused both physically and emotionally. A few months into this illegal marriage, she happened to tune in to a youth radio program and it gave her the strength to leave. She is back home and in school. She says she wants to become a nurse.


“Whenever I was alone I could tune in to the youth program and that's where I gathered courage to get out of the mess that I was in. The “Let's Shine” program really helped me and I encourage girls who are in situations like me to get out of such marriages and go back to school. Listen to the “Let's Shine” program and get in touch with Mudzi Wathu {Radio}, they will help you stand on your feet and retrace your steps to the dreams your cherish.”

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