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Radio Programs Inspire Community Action to Support Girls in Malawi

(May 31, 2024) In a heartwarming display of community action, parents and students in Nkhata Bay and Monkey Bay, Malawi, have taken matters into their own hands to address the lack of proper facilities for girls in local schools. Their efforts have not only provided much-needed changing rooms but also empowered young girls to continue their education without interruption.

Pundu Primary School Gets a New Changing Room

In April, parents like Wellington Kamanga learned from Chirundu Radio that Pundu Primary School lacked changing rooms for girls. Inspired by the radio program's message about taking initiative, Kamanga and members of the Pundu Mothers Support group sourced local materials and built a new changing room themselves. "We had no idea how to construct a new changing room at the school, but I remember that in your program, you explained that leaders have to act now," Kamanga said. "We should not wait for the government to work on our behalf; rather, we should be working on our own." The impact of this initiative is already being felt by students like 14-year-old Madalitso Phiri, who previously had to go home to change and shower during her menstrual cycle due to the lack of facilities. "The coming of this changing room will help us as pupils to solve some challenges we face," Phiri said.

Monkey Bay Primary School Addresses Water Scarcity

In another inspiring example, girls at Monkey Bay Primary School voiced their concerns about the lack of water and buckets in their changing rooms to youth reporters from Dzimwe Radio in April. Their voices were heard, and the mother support group took action. Student Christiana John reported, "We can report that the issue of water scarcity is now resolved as our borehole has been repaired and in operation. The school has also bought a few buckets." The school is now asking parents to provide soap for the changing rooms, further demonstrating the community's commitment to ensuring a conducive learning environment for girls. These initiatives highlight the power of community engagement and the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by girls in their pursuit of education. By providing safe and hygienic spaces, these communities are not only empowering young girls but also paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.


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