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Our project in Malawi informs young people about youth friendly health services that are available to them and to ensure the know their rights when visiting these facilities. DRP is working with about 130 youth   between the ages of 14-and-19 and three partner community-based radio stations in the central and western parts of the country. DRP has worked in Malawi since 2014.

DRP has completed a 2 year project in Zambia to help farmers get accurate weather information and adapt to climate change. DRP provided training on climate smart agriculture issues to reporters and managers from nearly a dozen community-based radio stations.  DRP also trained forecasters at the Zambia Meteorological Department on how to prepare forecasts that are easy for farmers to understand. The project led to partner stations becoming the "go to" sources for information about environmental and farming issues.  DRP has worked in Zambia since 2013.

DRP completed a one year project with the African Climate Policy Centre that involved community-based radio stations in three countries: Rwanda, Cameroon and Cape Verde. The project led to farmers adopting rain harvesting techniques, municipalities adopting waste management practices and tree plantings across all three countries.

DRP has done extensive journalism training in Sierra Leone on election coverage.  DRP consultant Terry FitzPatrick has trained reporters at radio stations that  are part of the Independent Radio Network. The trainings focused on voter education, how to organize debates and report on the elections through vote counting.  DRP assisted in the establishment of the IRN.

DRP has provided journalism and management training to approximately 120 Nigerians to help them establish and run six new community-based radio stations in the Niger Delta. The aim was to create programs at the stations that would reduce conflict in this troubled area.  One young man who was exploring a militant life-style said the DRP project changed his mind. He began working at one of the stations and said he realized that “violence is not the path he wants to go down” that “dialogue is the key to peace.”

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