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MP Takes Action After Radio Program in Mangochi, Malawi

(April 22, 2024) In December 2023, Dzimwe Radio in Monkey Bay produced a series of programs about how the Youth and Women Economic Fund, which is part of the Constituency Development Fund, had been stalled because there was nothing in place for managing and distributing the funds. In March 2024, Ralph Jooma, the Member of Parliament for Monkey Bay, established a working committee to handle the funds. MP Jooma says “the issue of developing guidelines to be used for disbursing Youth and Women Economic Empowerment Funding has been preventing us from utilizing the funding. The guideline on my part involves putting in place a committee to manager this. Let me thank the youths and through Dzimwe Radio for keeping on reminding me on this important issue.” MP Jooma says the CDF has been increased by 100% from 100 million kwacha to 200 million kwacha. This new funding will cover school fees as well as training for youth and women to strengthen the local economy.


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