Give the gift of knowledge - just 15¢ to $2.75 per day makes a huge difference:

To a girl who is about to be taken as a bride, to a farmer who is faced with drought and, to a former combatant reintegrating into society.

You can make a world of difference.

Please give today and provide:

·   Training in radio production​

·   Town hall meetings that engage the whole community

·   Community radio stations that are responsive to citizens' needs


$50 will cover the transport for reporters to cover a story

$100 will produce programming to help farmers adapt to a changing climate

$250 will organize a town hall-style forum for thousands of community members to share ideas and solutions

$500 will train a team of youth journalists to produce a series of broadcasts on child marriage

$1000 will enable us to mentor a station manager in the values and standards cultivated through decades at NPR

Recurring - Yes!  I want to donate monthly so you can meet priority needs year round

Other amount

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